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Medici Tour

Learn the story of The Medici dynasty

Join me for an historical experience hunting the traces of the ruling family : looking at the palaces and several monuments hosting their traces , exploring the narrow streets of Florence.
We’ll go back to the past and the Medici, godfathers of the Renaissance, will be with us. Telling you about business, marriages, lovers, murders, I’ll share with you all the historical events, legends, anecdotes of the greatest leaders of our city.
We will start our walking in the area of Piazza San Marco and we will end just in front of Pitti Palace, where the dynasty died out . We will have a look to the family tree and talk about the main members of the family: their every day lives, their interests, their obsessions, their unveiled secrets .At the end we will share our mutual impressions, relax and talk in front of a glass of tuscan wine .
Other things to note
Bring some water, a hat for the sun and umbrella in case of rain, wear confortable shoes.