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Absolutely fantastic.♥️ What a wonderful way to learn… walking the streets of Firenze with Elisabetta as she shares the stories and important buildings of the Medici family. Her passion and knowledge made the tour so interesting and I came away keen to discover more! A very well organised and incredibly interesting tour.

A fantastic tour following the story of Medici family. Elisabetta is a great tour guide, she has a very big knowledge about Medici and Florence in general! I was feeling very welcomed, and I learnt so many things! Elisabetta is really well prepared, she also answered all my questions and shared with us many interesting facts. I would definitely recommend a tour with Elisabetta!

Elisabetta was a phenomenal guide and made this a once in a life time experience. The stories were thoughtful, entertaining and conveyed with passion. This would definitely be at the top of a “must-do” list for any first time visitors, or even someone who has been before, but wants a better understanding of a family so integral to the culture and history of Florence.

Elisabetta is an expert on the Medici dynasty and Florence history. The knowledge she had on the topic was in depth and she was able to answer every question I had. We found the tour extremely interesting and engaging. We especially enjoyed sitting down with Elisabetta after the tour and getting to know her better.

Excelente experiencia. Le apasiona el tema y sabe bastante. Tiene toda la disponibilidad de responder dudas y al final nos ofreció una copa de vino, lo que hizo una experiencia completa.

Elisabetta provides great communication ahead of the meeting. She taught us a lot about the Medici and walked us through their historical palaces in Florence. Definitely recommend this tour as the first tour you have in Florence because you’ll understand the buildings and history of the city a lot better!

After a lot of research I chose Elisabetta’s tour and could not be happier. There’s two other tours that try and imitate this tour but there’s a reason this tour has such an extensive background. No part of the tour felt rushed and we learned so much it was unreal. I highly suggest picking this tour as one of the first things you do in the city because Elisabetta is full of local tips and you get a great idea of what the city is like. This tour was worth every penny and I cannot recommend it enough!

As a lover of History, one can’t come to Florence without diving into the Medici’s, a complex narrative spinning 300+ years and this tour was able to convey the story in an organized and engaging manner. Despite the rain, she was thoughtful in her stops to keep us as dry as she could. One of the best tours ie done to date, would highly recommend! Elisabetta is a wonderful person fulfilling her life long passion of being a tour guide and sharing this amazing History unique to Florence!

Elisabetta gave my wife and I a tour on Florence of the Medica. It was hugely enjoyable. She is passionate about her city and the subject, which was the Medici’s and the history of Florence. We met up in San Marco and walked, viewing the various Medici palaces, inside and out, all the way to the Pitti Palace across the Ponti Vecchio. Elisabetta knew everything about the Medici and told their story with knowledge and verve. She also provided us with a Medici family tree, which was so useful in aiding her to tell the story and for us to understand it. She allowed us to digress and ask other questions relating to Florence and its art. My wife is an art historian and studied at one stage, many years ago, in Florence and she found the tour fascinating. We were in Florence for four days and the afternoon with Elisabetta was a highlight. We ended up having a glass of wine with her. It turned out we were the only two the day we took the tour and the weather was lovely.

I’m going to echo all the reviews I had read about this tour before booking it, and say that they were right about Elisabetta’s knowledge, passion and friendliness. I enjoy history but tend to struggle with long historic tours, but Elisabetta had structured her narrative so well and her storytelling style was so engaging that I lost track of time and could easily have spent an hour more learning about the Medicis. The family tree she handed out was very useful, and seeing the photos of the family members helped connect the story to actual people rather than just names. Understanding the Medici history proved critical in appreciating Florence’s art and architecture over the next couple of days of my visit. Having a glass of wine with the group after the tour was a good way to end. Elisabetta shared insights about her life in Florence and gave us tips about sightseeing that were off the beaten track, something we really appreciate. I can’t recommend this tour enough!

We did the tour one our first full day in Florence which was a great way to learn and understand the city better right from the start. It was just the 2 of us so we could easily ask all the questions we had. Elisabetta was so lovely and knew so much about the Medici family. We would really recommend this super personal and easy to understand tour!

Elisabetta maîtrise son sujet et sait partager son savoir. J’ai passé un excellent moment en sa compagnie. Je recommande cette visite guidée à quiconque souhaite mieux connaître Florence.

Elisabetta est une personne tres professionnelle tant pour ses competences et ses connaissances , sa reflexion que ses capacites d adaptation aux personnes. Elle est tres agreable , ponctuelle, attentive. Nous recommandons tres chaleureusement. Nous avions 3 adolescents qui ont bien integre la place des Medicis dans le rayonnement Florentin et Toscan.

I can only and genuinely recommend Elisabetta ! 🙂 She is super kind and truly passionate about what she is doing ! She communicates her passion very naturally and it’s such a pleasure to listen to and exchange with her. She is also highly reactive and arranging. What a great afternoon spent in her company !!!

You would think Elisabetta was the family historian! Her passion for the history of the family and its influence in Florence over 300 hundred years was evident. Throughly enjoyed her tour, brava!


Elisabetta knows a lot about the Medici family and Florence. Her guide gave me much insight and contexts here in Florence. Not just about Florence in general but specific to the Medici family makes this tour so special and unique. I now feel part of this city and history!

Elisabetta knows a lot about the Medici family and Florence. Her guide gave me much insight and contexts here in Florence. Not just about Florence in general but specific to the Medici family makes this tour so special and unique. I now feel part of this city and history!

Un grand merci à Elisabetta de nous avoir fait découvrir et immerger dans la Florence des Médicis ! Nous avons passé un très bon moment et recommandons vivement cette visite. Bravo et merci pour la visite en Français.

La visite avec Elisabetta est vraiment très intéressante, incollable sur les Medicis, elle nous a fait partager sa passion ! Très sympathique, professionnelle, à l’écoute, elle nous a emmené de la place San Marco au palais Pitti … nous n’étions que 3 … un joli moment partagé ! Grazie mille Elisabetta … a presto?

Elisabetta was passionate about the history of the Medici and had researched them extensively. She was able to explain the context of their lives and ambitions with a mix of humour and frankness. Our small group allowed for frequent interaction with her that would not otherwise be the case.

Nous recommandons vivement cette activité. Que vous connaissiez ou pas Florence c’est vraiment à faire. Pour connaître la ville ou avoir des anecdotes et bien sur pour comprendre l’histoire politique, architecturale et la place de l’art dans cette ville.

Loved this tour! We took it on the first day we arrived in Florence (literally an hour after getting in), and it was a great intro to the city. Different things things that were mentioned we’ll be following up on to make sure we go to in the next two days. Elisabetta was incredibly knowledgable on this topic and the history of Florence and was ready to answer all our questions. She was lovely and hosted a really unique experience seeing these sites through the lens of the de Medici family. We also stopped for a drink and snack at a near by restaurant and got to continue our conversation, which we thought was a really great feature. Would highly recommend!

Elisabetta provided a great experience. She provides context to the great history which surrounds you in Florence. Her love for the Medici dynasty is charming. This is not just a simple lecture, Elisabetta engages you to imagine what it would be like to be a part of that Medici legacy. If you are a fan of the Medici series on Netflix this is an extra special experience because Elisabetta claifies some of the history that you see on the show. The tour was set at a good pace. Elisabetta gave a good amount of time at each site so she could share stories and the significance of what we were seeing. It was a nice break from walking. Elisabetta also gave us recommondations for dinner and places to see in Florence and surrounding area. I would highly recommened this tour to anyone who is coming to Florence. Elisabetta was fantastic!.

This tour was one of the best things we did in Florence. It was extremely informative & helpful in understanding the history of the city. Elisabetta was knowledgeable, friendly, & easy to talk with. She answered any questions we had. After the tour she treated us to a glass of wine & we were able to chat in a relaxed atmosphere. It was a wonderful close to an amazing tour! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Die Medici Tour von Elisabetta war sehr interessant und schön gestaltet!! Sie ist ein großer Medici-Fan und hat uns auch außerhalb des Tour-Programms viele tolle Tipps gegeben! Ich war nur für 3 Tage in Florenz und hatte ein straffes Programm, die Tour machte ich am ersten Tag und konnte mich die darauffolgenden Tage immer wieder an den Gebäuden, die wir gesehen hatten orientieren. Alleine hätte ich die ganzen Zusammenhänge niemals in so kurzer Zeit rausfinden können. Vielen Dank!!