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An imposing building will reveal incredible jewels to us: paintings by  Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo , Raffaello ,Caravaggio and many others…

The Uffizi Gallery is a a chest full of treasures to be unveiled. Let me guide you trough rooms and corridors for a journey back to the past , son’t rush take your time and admire  masterpieces to be seen at least once in our lives :The  Primavera, The birth of Venus by  Botticelli, The annunciation by  Leonardo, The Tondo Doni by  Michelangelo, The Venus by  Titian  , Medusa by Caravaggio just to mention a few.

My proposal is valid for first time visitors but can be customized in case of a particular and peculiar interest in specific artists.

Uffizi with family is my proposal for small groups with children ( age 6-12) including an interactive itinerary with a lot of fun, final quiz and reward.

Estimated time 2 hours.

Booking in advance is recommended.