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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo the parish beloved by Medici

San Lorenzo and the Medici: we will first visit the San Lorenzo minor basilica,with the old sacresty by Brunelleschi one of the most beautiful funeral chapel I have ever seen , followed by the Medici Chapels and Palazzo Medici Riccardi

This parish marks  both the dawn of power and the twilight  of this great dynasty : Palazzo Medici is the prototype for the florentine renaissance palace committed by Cosimo the Elder both as a family house and an office for the Medici Bank. The church of San Loenzo is the favourite  religious building beloved and embellished meant to be  the  family burial place since the  forefather  Giovanni di Bicci .The Medici or Princes chapels  will end our full immersion : be prepared to enter a lavish  private incomplete cemetery reminding us how sadly the dynasty ended with no male heirs.

Estimated time : 3 hours.