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Pitti Palace

Pitti Palace and Boboli garden

Immerse yourself in the art history with a visit to the Palatine Gallery followed by a stroll in the amazing Boboli gardens.

Pitti Palace with its collection of paintings by Rafael, Filippo Lippi, Caravaggio, Rubens, not to mention the lavish frescoes on the walls and ceilings of private and public rooms , with the astonishing surprise of the Sala Biana at the end of visit.

The tours goes on with an outdoor walking in the gardens: the amphitheatre, the big Grotto, the Garden of the Knigh,

 with a wonderful view of the ancient city walls, followed by the Viottolone and at the end the Greenhouse.

An experience to be enjoyed by everybody in particular families with kids.

Estimated time : 3 hours