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Wine and Florence

A day as a sommelier in Florence

We will start with a tour of the center of Florence to discover all the traces related to grapes and the production of wine that are normally under the eyes of all but that only a few can recognize. Mythology and history: we will observe fundamental monuments of the city, we will talk about the production, the sale through the “wine windows”. We will describe the most important Florentine families linked to the production of wine and finally we will end our experience with a wine tasting: how to uncork a bottle, the right temperature for each wine, the techniques to better appreciate the tasting and finally:
are you ready to get involved? You will have to taste wine from a bottle whose label has been obscured. For the more experienced you will have to guess the grape for beginners it is enough to understand if it is white or red!
Other things to note
Children under 18 can participate if accompanied by their parents..